New Kingdom Steatite beetle with cartridge from Tutmosis III-Men Kepher Re


Beetle in steatite inscribed with a cartouche of "men-kheper-re" Tutmosis III

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From the jawbone of a paranthropus several million years old, to a Kanak puzzle, passing through Merovingian jewelry and a collection of Gallo-Roman Mercury figurines, here is the strange and singular world in which François Bigot (1950-2009 ) lived in the shelter of a small Norman manor. Having started in 1976 as an antique dealer in Rouen, he knew how to use his skills to organize as an expert, two annual sales of prehistory and archeology, in Évreux. On this occasion, the many scattered lots attracted many more or less specialized enthusiasts.

François Bigot knew how to pass on his passion which he had acquired during his history studies. He excavated in 1968 in Pincevent under the direction of André Leroi Gourhan, then between 1969 and 1971 with Jacques Tixier in the Dordogne and contributed to the inventory of the Chauvet cave with Professor Rippol.

This will lead him to a diploma from the Practical School of Advanced Studies in Prehistory with Professor Lionel Ballou. This sacred fire made him tirelessly travel thousands of kilometers in search of forgotten collections. Nevertheless, on examining his superb exhaustive collection, one realizes very quickly that François
Bigot sought not only rarity but also aesthetics. This plethoric collection is of rare quality and seamlessly covers all French prehistoric and protohistoric periods.
We will see there all the selective requirement that characterizes good experts and great collectors..

Expertise by Daniel Lebeurrier


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